Forever: The New Tattoo

O blog Co.Design fala sobre o lançamento de Forever: The New Tattoo, livro que apresenta artistas que estão redefinindo o design de tatuagem. Nesse link, é possível passear por algumas páginas internas da obra.

Apesar da ampla aceitação atual, não se trata de um fenômeno recente. Segundo o Co.Design, estúdios de tatuagem já funcionam nas principais cidades e portos dos Estados Unidos e da Europa Ocidental desde 1870.

Uma câmera que enfatiza o tempo: Jay Mark Johnson

The abstract-seeming images here are not the result of some wacky Photoshopping. Jay Mark Johnson’s photos are actually incredibly precise. The reason they look like this is because he uses a slit camera that emphasizes time over space. Whatever remains still is smeared into stripes, while the motion of crashing waves, cars and a Tai Chi master’s hands are registered moment by moment, as they pass his camera by. Like an EKG showing successive heartbeats, the width of an object corresponds not to distance or size, but the rate of movement. Viewing the left side of the picture is not looking leftward in space but backward in time
[…] This unique look is possible because the fixed-position slit camera registers only a vertical sliver of a scene. Whatever passes that slit by gets registered in a narrow line. Over a period of time, which Johnson can control, it registers line after line. The final result is a bunch of these lines all pushed together. (In this sense, you could say each photograph is actually a composite of hundreds of very skinny images.)

Do Slate.