LinkedIn Today

O Business Insider explica como funciona LinkedIn Today, um agregador social que mostra as manchetes do mundo dos negócios mais importantes do dia. A matéria dá destaque especial à atuação de Dan Roth, o jornalista responsável pelo serviço.

The selection process for the page comes from the alchemy of pitches from publishers and writers; an algorithm that shows what is getting organically popular among different industries on the web; and Roth’s own personal taste.

“The stories that have a tiny little bit of fire, we pour gasoline on them,” Roth said.

And the smoke signals are easy to see. “When people start sharing your stories or commenting on stories, our algorithm starts noticing it.”

[...] But it’s about more than just numbers crunching. When deciding which hundred articles will circulate through LinkedIn Today, Roth also takes pleas from individual writers into consideration.

Roth gets 150 headlines pitched to him from three dozen publications — “everyone from Med City news to the Wall Street Journal” — a day. And that’s just via email.

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